Other products depend on this license Azure AD

Was working with a customer where they were using Office 365 E5 Licences using an AD security group and using Group-based licensing in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

There was a Allow Yammer Group that users were added to in AD on premises and this synced to Azure AD and should automatically apply a licence for each user.


Users were reporting there couldn’t access Yammer and when looking in M365 admin centre the users were showing as unlicensed. So somewhere the licencing was not being applied.

We checked the users were added to the correct AD group and was correct.

We checked the Licencing group in Azure AD and make sure Yammer was enabled which it was.

We spotted however there was errors with one of the Licencing group and it was the Yammer group and mentioned it had 20+ users with errors.



Great link below explaining


When reviewing the error we were seeing

Other products depend on this license

Reviewing this on the link above this made me think if the licencing group had a feature enabled that was dependent on another that wasn’t enabled.

Back to the licencing group to check !

It seems as well as Yammer being turned on we also had Office 365 Privileged Assess Management.

Looking into this Office 365 Privileged Access Management


This feature has a dependency on having SharePoint Online Plan 2 which was turned off for the Yammer licencing group, Not sure how this was enabled but here we are.

We turned off Office 365 Privileged Access Management and clicked saved.

The licencing were reapplied to the users and we could see users were now getting their Office e365 E5 licence applied to them and they could access Yammer !

Happy days !


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