Skype for Business Edge Server Deployment–Error returned while installing OcsCore.msi(Feature_LocalMgmtStore), code 1603

Today i was deploying a new SfB Edge Server and when trying to install the local configuration store on the Edge i was getting an error.

Error returned while installing OcsCore.msci(Feature_LocalMgmtStore), code 1603. Error Message: A fatal error occurred during installation. For more details please consult log at


I’ve seen 1603 a few times and number one on my list was check disk space to make sure i have more than 32gb available which i did.

Hmmmmmmmm so lets dig into the error and the messages

In the error message displayed above it seems to stuck around the SQL Express and Database setup and config so i followed the Error message to check the first log file.


So it seems there was an error when running the Install-CsDatabase.exe command when deployed the local databases, so i copied the path to the InstallCSDatabase.exe and then ran the command in cmd prompt found in the below error log and i get the same error.

So lets check this log file location now.

So now i could see it tying to connect to sql server which is itself and its showing the information SQL version etc and then it tries to create the XDS database from stratch as its a new install BUT its failing and we see

“System.IO.IOException: The network path was not found”


So i connected locally with SQL Management Studio and it was ok no errors accessing SQL and services were running.

Checked AV, Firewall, host file and all ok.

Then i tried to UNC to the server itself and access the c drive \\servername\c$ and i couldn’t and got network error. Perhaps getting closer.


I checked firewall, local AV and then checked the NICs and found File and Printer sharing to Microsoft Network was disabled. hmmm i wonder.


I enabled this on the NIC


and i could now UNC to the c drive via \\servername\c$


i tried the install again and it was ok with no errors and i had an XDS database and logs in the SQL folders.

When installing the DBs SfB connects to the local server via \\servername\c$ which i couldn’t do as File Sharing was not enabled.

Hopefully this may help someone else who may comes across this issue again.


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