Poly X30 Teams Rooms Setup

My friend Michel Bouman very nicely sent me over a Poly X30 and TC8 which is an Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android Device like the pic below. From the off it looks a nice setup with an all in one video bar and console for the table.

Also it has camera framing and NoiseBlockAI it mentions which im looking forward to testing out.

This setup is noted as for huddle and small rooms which i can set being an all in one design but its perfect for the home office / Sweeper Lab 🙂

More details on the product over at Poly https://www.poly.com/gb/en/products/video-conferencing/studio/studio-x30

So i thought id show you the setup.

Device Setup

  1. First get it out the box and connect the Power, Network and HDMI to the X30 etc.
  2. Connect the TC8 table console to a POE port

The TC8 connects to the X30 over IP and by default it booted like this ?

BUT that doesnt look like TEAMS to me 🙂 But lets get that changed !

Device Config

Next I wanted to get it in Team Mode so i found the IP address from the console like this

Then from a browser i entered the IP and got to the web interface of the X30.

Here i entered “admin” and password is the last 8 digits of the X30 serial number which i found on the console. Recommended you change this as it flags here.

Once i logged in i went to general settings > Provider and selected Microsoft Teams and clicked Save

This prompted a restart button which i pressed.

The X30 and console restarted into Teams Mode like this.

The console took a little longer to install the app it said.

Ok room system looks good to go in Teams now but i need a room account so lets go and do that. You can also do that before as well 🙂

Create a Rooms account

Next i need a rooms account so lets use the M365 Rooms deployment wizard this time and take that for a spin 🙂

I signed into my M365 tenant over at https://admin.microsoft.com/

Went to “Setup”

Advanced deployment guides & assistance

I have some existing account but i will create a new one for this device

Go to Licenses and here you need to make you have a valid Teams Rooms License. Teams Rooms Basic or Teams Rooms Pro are the latest licenses to use.

Click “Add device account”

My new device account has been added

Click next

I can click Next as i dont have MFA enabled at this time

Now im ready to sign into my device so lets go ! But wait ! whats the password !

I need to set a password first

Over i go to Users > Active Users

Find my resource account and reset password

i also checked password expiration on my tenant as well in settings.

Device Sign in

So lets sign into the rooms device.

I have two options on the device itself or via the browser with the rooms account. This time im going to do it via the browser.

Over at the X30 its now signed in 🙂

I thought the console may also sign in but it hasn’t so let me try to sign in the console using the same account.

Once signed in it detected there the X30 and asked me to Pair which showed up a code on the X30 which i entered into the console and paired

and now its signed in on the X30 and TC8

So reading up after you have to sign into the console and X30 using the same account which makes sense to pair them.

Time to check software updates in TAC and Pro Portal.

Teams admin center

Lets see if the device is in Teams admin center yet

Yep its there with Health status “Non-urgent” i suspect is software update required. Lets see

yep software it is

Teams Rooms Pro Portal

As i have Teams Rooms Pro license lets check the Teams Rooms Pro Management Portal


and there it is !!


Resources i found on my journey


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