Teams Direct Routing

As I find them here some great links to useful info on Direct Routing and peoples amazing work around Direct Routing in the Community. Hope this is useful.


Microsoft Links

Direct Routing enables new enterprise voice options in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Technet

Plan Direct Routing

Configure Direct Routing


Direct Routing for Enterprises – Connecting Microsoft Teams to the World.

Ribbon SBC 1000 / 2000 Config


AudioCodes Documents

AudioCodes SBC Config

Click to access ltrt-12774-connecting-audiocodes-sbc-to-microsoft-teams-direct-routing-configuration-note.pdf


Community Blogs


Mark Vale – Considerations for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Considerations for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing


Tom Arbuthnot – More Details on Microsoft Teams Direct Routing (Connect your own SBC for PSTN), including Direct Carrier Support


Ribbon (Sonus) SBC Config – Damien Margaritis

Configure Direct Trunking to Microsoft Teams with Ribbon SBC Edge


AudioCodes SBC config – Lee Ford



Teams On Air

Write up – Martin Boam

Technical Training

Write up – Martin Boam