Microsoft Teams – “the update didn’t successfully install. we’ll automatically update you later”

I was investigating an issue recently where Microsoft Teams was not automatically updating for some users. Some users were updating correctly but some appeared to be stuck on the installed version number.

When we tried to manually check for updates we saw a message “the update didn’t successfully install. we’ll automatically update you later” but we found that the client wasn’t updating.

Teams is installed in the users profile folder as described here so the users can apply the auto updates. Also note its not recommended to change the install location.

We don’t recommended that you change the default install locations, as this could break the update flow. Having too old a version will eventually block users from accessing the service.


Looking into the desktop client debug logs we see the following

How to collect logs from Teams client detailed here

— info — Downloading file from – https://
— info — Browser Window HTTP: Get Data HTTP with url:
— info — Browser Window HTTP: Push url in request queue:
— info — Browser Window HTTP: Download URL:
— info — Downloading Browser Window HTTP:Teams-
— error — Browser Window HTTP: Unable to download file Teams- state is interrupted
— error — HTTP Get Download Browser Window error
— error — Unable to remove dir with error
— error — Download package failed

It appears the user isn’t able to download the Teams client update file.

We copied the url and tried to access this in a browser and we found that some users were not able to download from this location and they were not receiving updates. We were blocked on a proxy and it said user does not have permissions so they pretty much told me. The Teams users where the teams client was updating successfully were able to access this url and download the update file.

The customer allowed this url and download type for users and then Teams clients were successfully updating for all users 🙂


Its recommended to make sure users have access to all the Skype for Business and Teams Office 365 urls. The list is below.



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