Teams Meetings Recordings – Accept company policy before recording

I had a question from a customer where they wanted to enable recording in Teams but also wanted to have the user accept / read a custom policy they can define before recording is started.

Teams – Recording Enabled

With Teams recording enabled when a user starts recording in a meeting the purple banner appears at the top highlighting to everyone the recording is in progress and has started for this meeting.


There is by default a privacy policy button but this takes you to a Microsoft privacy policy and cant this link cant be customised as i understand like below.


As Teams using Microsoft Streams to upload the video recordings into i thought perhaps there’s something in Stream for this and there is.

I found the Stream (which Teams using for uploading videos after recording) has a usage acceptance policy for video uploads into Stream so i looked can this be used. PLEASE note enabling this does apply the policy to any services uploading videos into Stream and Stream itself. If your already using Stream then the policy will apply.

Let take a look.

Stream Admin centre


Over in the Stream admin centre

We can define a custom link link to a company policy which is what we wanted.

There is a check box to Turn on “Require company policy acceptance”

We can also reset company the company policy acceptance incase we update the policy and need users to accept updates again.

We cant see who has accepted from here ive found.

With the setting enabled above in Stream lets look at Teams

Teams User experience with Stream company policy acceptance enabled.

User clicks start recording in Teams


We now see a message “Before you start recording……” Please read and accept your organisations policy about saving recordings in Microsoft Stream.

We click the “view Policy” link and it take the user to the policy link defined in the Stream admin centre.


Once read the user goes back into Teams and can now click “Accept”

After the policy is accepted the meeting recording starts as normal.


What happens if a user click cancel rather than accept to the policy


We get the message above and the meeting recording isn’t started.

Please note – A user only has to accept the policy once after this they can continue to uploads videos and recordings from Teams. If changes are require to the policy you can reset the acceptance and all users will have to read and accept again before they can upload video’s into Stream.


Stream User Experience for Policy acceptance example.

As mentioned above enabling the “require acceptance of company policy” is done in Stream so this policy affects any services uploading video’s in Stream and the policy must be accepted to upload videos as Stream is the back end service”

Here i tried to upload a video to stream when i had not accepted the policy and you can see i cant do this until i read and accept the company policy in Stream.


Hope this helps others Smile


Add Usage guidelines and require consent before uploading Microsoft Stream videos


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