Assign Direct Routing Numbers to users in Teams Admin Center

I saw a tweet from Jamie Stark saying there’s new voice features in Teams Admin Center (TAC) so i wanted to check them out.

First up you can now assign a Direct routing telephone number to a user in the Teams Admin Center where before this was always a PowerShell job to enable a Direct Routing user for Enterprise Voice and then assign a direct routing telephone number.

Assign Direct Routing Telephone Number in Teams Admin Center

Sign into TAC and go to Users > Manage Users

Select a user

Under Account > General Information click Edit

Select Direct Routing from the drop down and enter an assigned telephone number

Click Apply

Now you will see the number displayed on the user and Phone number type Direct Routing

To check i sign into Teams with PowerShell and it has assigned the telephone number and enabled the user for Enterprise Voice however it hasnt enabled the user for hosted voicemail. Please see at the end of the post for voicemail.

Remove a telephone number

To remove the telephone i go back into TAC and clear out the telephone number and click apply

Now the assigned phone number and phone number type are set to none

And to check with powershell and its removed.


Please note: For voicemail It does seem that hosted voicemail is not enabled via the TAC when assigning a telephone number so for voicemail this needs to be enabled via PowerShell still. Ill see if i can some updates on if this is coming. For now its PowerShell as below. Thanks to Scott Rendell for pointing this out.

Set-CsUser -Identity “” -HostedVoiceMail $true

Other new Items

For the other items i cant see these at the moment but ill check back later and update here.


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