Skype for Business – Windows Fabric Dump and Trace files stored in File Store

Since in-place upgrading my Lync SE Front End to Skype for Business Server 2015 im just starting to dig around looking at updates and differences and spotted theres two new folders in my File Store.

  • WinFabDumpFiles
  • WinFabTraceFiles

From looking into the folders it appears to be logs file that i believe used to be stored locally on each server in the following location

C:\programdata\Windows Fabric\Fabric\log\Traces

So it looks like Skype for Business now stores these in the File store instead which is great i had seen on a few occasion the log files eating alot of disk space.

This is going to be great when troubleshooting so looks a great move.

Lets have a little look in the folders.


Current the WinFabDumpFiles is empty.


The WinFabTraces has a 1-1 folder


This then contains server name of the FE


Under the servername is

  • Bootstrap
  • Fabric
  • Lease


Bootstrap – Has a number of trace files


When opening in notepad this contained details regarding deployment.



This folder has a number of fabric trace zip files.


Copying a zip file and extracting



This folder also has a number of zip files



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