Enable Skype for Business Directory Search

Following a Lync 2013 to Skype for Business Server 2015 side by side Migration we wanted to enable Skype Directory search. Having previously federated with Skype i thought this wouldn’t require many changes but it does.

After a review of TechNet i found a couple of things you need to do and be aware.

IMPORTANT if you have Skype federation already setup you still need to do the following to get Skype Directory search working.

  • Enable Skype-Skype federation search on Edge Servers in topology builder (screenshot below)
  • Port 4443 between FE and Edge must be working (Same port as CMS uses so should already be open)
  • Allow Port 443 outbound on Edge Server (Access Edge) (additional firewall port from Lync 2013) (this is visible on Skype for Business Protocol workload poster)
  • Remove and re add the existing Skype hosting provider
  • Require Skype for Business Edge, Front End and Client.

If configuring Skype federation from scratch

  • You still require to sign up for Skype Federation at https://pic.lync.com
  • During the Sign up process you need your Microsoft Agreement Number ,Access Edge service (FQDN) for your SIP domain(s).
  • Deployed Edge Server role
  • You have enabled Federation for Your Edge Server and enabled Skype-Skype federation search in topology builder and published.
  • Allow federation in your external access policy with Public Providers. (Setup is below)
  • Add the Skype as SIP Federated Provider
  • Allow Port 443 outbound on Edge Server (Access Edge)
  • Allow user external access policy that allows Public IM.
  • Deployed Skype for Business 2013 Client, Edge and Front End Servers

I wont details all the setup here from scratch but the changes it required to get it working from Lync 2013 with Skype federation already working.

  1. Allow port 433 Outbound on Firewall
  2. Skype-Skype federation search port enabled in topology builder


3. Remove and added existing Skype public provider

We had already got all the above setup as we previously were federated with Skype and already had a public host provider for Skype but i found this important note on TechNet

To configure Skype Connectivity when upgrading to Skype for Business Server you must remove and re-add the existing Skype public provider.

So if you have already enabled Skype federation and have the hosting provider already created you need to remove and recreate it! boo


1. From the Skype for Business Management Shell check the identity name using



2. To remove the provider use the following

Remove-CsPublicProvider -Identity Skype

3. To re add use

New-CsPublicProvider -Identity Skype -ProxyFqdn federation.messenger.msn.com -IconUrl https://images.edge.messenger.live.com/Messenger_16x16.png
-NameDecorationRoutingDomain msn.com – NameDecorationExcludedDomainList “msn.com,outlook.com,live.com,hotmail.com” -VerificationLevel UseSourceVerification -Enabled $true -EnableSkypeIdRouting $true -EnableSkypeDirectorySearch $true

Test with Skype for Business Client – you have to search for a contact for Skype directory tab to appear.


If you get any errors please check firewall port 4443 between Edge and Front End and the CMS replication is working. Also check Port 443 outbound from Edge Server to internet.

Hope this helps 🙂


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