Surface Hub in Teams Admin Center (Public Preview) – First look and walkthrough

This morning i noticed a tweet and LinkedIn post from Mr Surface Hub Yoav mentioning that Surface Hub Management in Teams Admin Center is now Public Preview so lets take a look.

First off i checked out the post by Kyle Spiess and Christian Schacht below

What’s new ?

So this is public preview and could be subject to changes but you can now view and manage your Surface Hub devices directly in the Teams Admin centre just like other Teams Devices.

Overall the look and feel its exactly the same as managing other Teams Devices so great to have Surface Hub included in TAC for management as well.

The Linked Post also mentions more management features planning for Surface Hub throughout H1 2022 so keep a look out for more.

What can i do ?

View Surface Hubs in Devices in Teams Admin Center just like any other Teams device in Teams Admin Center.

View Surface Hub details in inventory view including

  • call history,
  • meeting activity,
  • health status,
  • collect logs
  • remote restart

Lets take a look

Head over and sign into your Teams Admin Center (TAC) (Make sure you have permissions to view Devices in TAC)

Expand Devices

Select Surface Hubs

I know see my Surface Hub displayed. Note PREVIEW is listed here.

Here i can select a device to restart it, remove or manage tags link this.

and on the right hand side which sometimes i forget you can also search, export, refresh, filter and select columns, these are really useful especially if you have a lot of devices and in this case Surface Hubs.

With search i can search by device name, username and tags



This refresh the device list


Here we can set a filter using the following values

Edit Columns

Here we can select what columns we want displayed on the device page.

View device details

If i can click on the Display name to view more details on the specific device

This open the details for the device as shown below.

I have a summary view and Call Analytics 7 Day Quality and activity status.

Download Devices Logs

Click download device logs

Prompts that logs wil be prepared and downloadable from History tab which we will look at later.

Click Got it


To restart click restart then you will be prompted to restart now or schedule a preferred time

To restart now clickRrestart now

To schedule for later click Confirm and you will be prompted to selected a time and date

You first select time zone, then date and finally time.

Click Apply

Lets see what happens at 12.30 🙂

It did restart but it was a couple of minutes after 12.30 for the hub to restart but ill take that.

You can view Restart information in the history tab to view progress and queued tasks as well.

I also tested restart now and this job was queued after the scheduled restart as you will see below.

If i scroll down i have more information with Health status, details, activity and history tabs

Health View


Here we have username, Tags, Manufacturer and model, IP, Asset Tag, MAC and OEM Serial number


Here you can view activity

If i select a Start time it will give me more details lets select the Dec 2

If you click Participant details you can view more details


Here we can view actions


Here you can view a history of tasks such as log collections and restarts

Here we can see the restarts and device logs i collected earlier. Lets click Download to grab the logs


You can also manages tags and remove the device which is found under Actions on the device > top right

Manage tags

You can add tags to device here i will add UK as a tab and assign to the Surface Hub

Tags are displayed on your Surface Hub device page

Device tags in Microsoft Teams let you group, organize, and more easily manage devices in your tenant. You can search, filter and apply settings using tags so im applying UK so ill use this in the future to filter by UK devices for example. More info on tags here.

Remove device

Im not going to remove the device just yet 🙂


This has been a common request from Teams Admin and Device admin to be able to manage not just Microsoft Teams device and Rooms but Surface Hubs as well and this is a huge leap forward and best of all all the admin interfaces is the same look and feel inside Teams Admin Center for Surface Hubs. Awesome Work!


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