Microsoft Teams Outlook Meeting Add-in URL Formatting Issue

Ive been troubleshooting an issue where the Microsoft Teams meeting addin for Outlook was formatting Teams meeting very oddly.

Example of this issue when scheduling a new Teams Meeting in Outlook


all the urls work correctly but its not formatted correctly with the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link

This is what it should look like


What ive found is that the Teams Meeting Addin looks to have dependency on the Outlook VBA addin for the formatting. The VBA addin is unloaded and loaded when you click “new Teams Meeting” in Outlook.

When viewing the Add-in’s from File>Options>Add ins in Outlook i could see Microsoft VBA for Outlook Add-in was listed as disabled application add-in


This had been disabled in Outlook via GPO and only listed Add-ins were allowed and VBA was not allowed. If you enabled the VBA add-in for Outlook then the Teams Meeting is formatted correctly.




Hope this helps someone.


2 thoughts on “Microsoft Teams Outlook Meeting Add-in URL Formatting Issue

  1. You, sir, are my hero. 🙂 Thank you for posting this. I had the exact same issue and it was driving me crazy!!!

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