Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center – Meeting and Org-wide Policies missing

I was working with a customer where the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin center wasn’t showing all the meeting or org-wide settings. It was display like below:



An ask internal and Big thank to Martin Rinas who mentioned he had seen this and i should check if any of the Team RBAC roles had been granted to the admin user.

As the Teams RBAC roles were recently released this was very possible.

More info on Teams admin roles here

Reviewing the new Teams roles looks like i need either Teams Service Administrator or Teams Communications Administrator as they can manage meeting policies but for meeting and org wide i need Teams Service Administrator.  So lets grant it. Step by step here


I checked in Azure AD and found the user had only the Skype for Business administrator role and not the newly released Teams ones.


Lets give Bruce Teams Service Administrator


A sign out and sign in of the Teams admin centre and lets check.

We have them !



So the Skype for Business Administrator role allows you to access the Teams Admin centre but it doesn’t show all the Teams policies which makes sense so lesson for me just because you have access via SfB role doesn’t mean you should forget about the Team RBAC roles as well.

Hope this helps and thanks to Martin Rinas again for the tip !


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