Microsoft Teams Analytics and reports in Teams Admin Centre – My first look

Last week I noticed a tweet from @nomorephones Jamie Stark saying the Teams Admin centre now has usage reporting ! Its awesome to see how the Teams admin centre is growing and growing !

So I finally got chance to check it out and I like it !

Head over to the Teams Admin centre –

then Analytics and reporting

Here you can select

  • Teams Usage
  • Teams user activity
  • Teams device usage

then select a data range

  • Last 7 days
  • Last 28 Days

Then click run report


Here some examples on my test tenant – be warned usage it low with my tenant of a couple of test users and me.

Teams Usage Reports

I was looking forward to seeing this and its awesome! a great to some insight into teams usage with details on Teams Privacy, No of active users, Guests, Active Channels and messages

Its great to visually see how and what teams are being used including reporting on teams with guests and active member usage

Below the chart it gives a summary as well on active users, teams and channels active users, active channels and messages.

If you click on the display name of the team it take you to the Teams management page which is nice


You can print the chart and edit the columns of the report as well.

Teams user activity

Similar to the Teams activity report in M365 usage reports but now surfaced in Teams Admin centre.

show display name, channel message, chat messages, 1:1 calls and last activity. If you click display name it takes you to the user details.

You can also edit columns and print report. You can’t turn anymore than listed above but you can remove.


Teams Device Usage Report

Similar to the Teams device usage report in M365 usage reports but now surfaced in Teams Admin centre.

Device usages shows what devices users are using to access Teams from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and last activity dates.

again you can edit columns and print report.

Im sure more reports will come as well so watch out


So here we are on Christmas eve and signing off now for the festive activities to begin !

2018’s been a great year from being awarded MVP, first MVP summit, moving House to moving to Microsoft ! so here’s to more and more Teams goodness in 2019 !

Merry Christmas all and happy new year to everyone ! Time for spending with my family team 🙂


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