Teams On Air: Ep. 67 Microsoft Teams and SfB Recap

Found this in my drafts its an old post from May but ill publish it just in case its useful at all to someone.

Onto another Teams on Air Episode and this time were talking about the new Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center with managing users and policies/

Link to the video is here



Today Delanda has Jamie Stark, Senior Program Manager from Microsoft


Jamie’s been with Microsoft 11-12 years started with sales org, helping customers with different tech, then into marketing, then voice workloads, LCS, OCS, Lync and SfB and a year ago into engineering to build stuff.

In Microsoft Teams engineering and thinking about things for the IT Pros

Teams we think alot about end users and it is transformational but we need to provide for admins, to policy and administor.

We are building IT Pros tools to manage and makes Teams work best for your org.


Problems and Pain points

Past with Teams you would have the ability to make changes to how teams operate but these changes are across the whole org / tenant. for example adding giffys in message but its turned on for all but people may have different people to have different experiences.

Allows customers to tune the experience to a per user level.


Set policies to impacts everyone (Global) or take a group of users and give them a different experience.

Still early on with the new admin centre but more to come.



Today bunch of different tools in Offfice 365, call quality reports for SfB and Teams, call analytics for single calls, different solutions in different places. end goal is to have all avaialble in a single place. The single pane of glass term.

Sensitivity that are common across O365 but anything to SfB and Teams should come to new Teams admin centre.


Show and tell section


Home Page on admin portal – Dashboard slimmed down and over time bring in reporting

Basic info on Org

Quick Search

Links out to great help and training for admins

User Search

imageopen user


recent search results are there or drop into full list

Blow out Nav bar




Have great sub string search as well


searches across phone numbers as well


Filter as well


Creating policies and assigning to users

Messaging Policies



Edit Policy

Set different giphy content rating for users for example

Provide IT Pro ability to policy that

set teams messaging policy for user to exec



View user details,

Conference Bridge


dial out settings for conferences


Other capabilities


Audio Conferencing for both SfB and Teams

Go and configure settings for bridges , set pins, exit and entry announcements or tones


Change dedicated bridge information


Alot of consistent controls and share experiences across admin centre

Customise tables


We remember that customisation the next you come back to the portal

Org Wide settings

Talk about different capabilities across the entire tenant


Guest settings for examples

Messages settings for guests similar to users

The new admin portal will consistently add more stuff into it ! now we have it up and running we will be adding more

Old Portals still available


Goal is to move all info from old portal into the new

Call analytics will be first to hit and will be directly integrated into the experience

Quality info directly from user details page


Looking ahead

First thing for roadmap is what we are following, new features come to teams will have them come to admin center

More policies, migrating over meetings and voice

Existing SfB Admin, phone numbers, auto attendants, call queues and all will be coming

Conference bridge today has a set of function that work against both SfB and Teams, when cq and aa comes same will happen.

Still a ton of work to do

First have all admin experience present inside this tool and new experience, managing teams and channels your doing this in Teams client

Setting up infrastructure for admins to look across teams in a tenant and then can bring

I wont have to be a member of a team to manage it

Longer Term key indicators on how a team can be succesfull, this team has a great experience and we can compare teams not working well and what aspects working on good working team.

Bunch of insights and best practice we can do within the portal and give to IT pro

IT Pro be the agents of change

“Teams Tip” “Teams Tip”

Couple of Questions

The SfB Portal will go away ?


Not until everything has been brought into the new admin centre

A little while, end of the year, expect to have news at ignite and future plans

Not taking capabilities away today

Check out the new admin centres


We want to make it awesome


Short answer NO

Still have SfB server experience, started with new release of server to try and bridge the divide

Taking core quality data and call information and have it stored in the cloud

Pipe reporting data into Office 365

Hybrid customers makes alot of sense

Remains to be seen if we will have admin experience that impacts on premises

Happy to take feedback

New server will have CQD looking across online and on premises in single view


Any documentation available ?



Teams Tip – “Teams Tip” “Teams Tip”



Chatting in Teams is easy


Sometime you want to draw more attention

Rich Text editing


Add subjects, bold, hyperlinks

Recommend and use the mark as important


Include Stickers


another functional is reference items from an app directly into conversations


Click on three dots and view apps


News article and click news and directly search and one click include reference to news article




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