Teams On Air: Ep. 66 Teams and SharePoint Recap

I’ve been catching on the Teams on Air episodes and just managed to watch over the Teams and SharePoint for document sharing, storage and collaboration on youtube. With SharePoint bringing in content i wanted to learn a little more and see whats coming.

Link to video here


Delanda is joined by Mark Kashman

Mark is on the SharePoint Team and is a senior project Manager at Microsoft

Working with SharePoint for 9 years and before worked in services and built a project for Microsoft built on SharePoint 2007 and before field training.

How has SharePoint evolved ?

Started out with on premises server, small footprint 15 years ago and SharePoint as a server got more to have sites, searches, social, business Intel,

Then cloud came and other areas of integration and acquisitions such as Yammer and more integration inside SharePoint and Office 365 and now parts and pieces used in other application such as Microsoft Teams

Really become the hub for teams work and big part of content

Teams gives a good chat space and content stored and share, co author and version with SharePoint.


What happens when a Microsoft Teams Channel is created and what happens on back end in SharePoint ?

When you create a team in Teams you get a SharePoint teams site and you get default parts of a Team site in SharePoint such as Teams Notebook, default doc library, etc and when you create a new channel in a team its a new folder in default doc library presented as file tab.

Lets jump into a demo

Files Tab

This is the main files tab in general channel of the Strategy and Planning Team


and within SharePoint its the full document library


as we have a couple of channel there is a couple of folder that reflect the channels


There’s a channel for General and Benefits, Office move

Same content and files available in SharePoint and Teams, its not two sets of files.


Here the Team have created a new document library for Media within the teams site.

Here’s some SharePoint first features on media types which pulls into Teams as well.


support for 270 file types

Gifs played within Teams


X Ray file type again opened in Teams


3D object


We can touch the screen and move it around within Teams

Continue work without having to go and find it

Start conversations on file types


all files can be synced from your desktop as well


Windows or Mac users can use OneDrive sync client to sync files and most people using them will be in Teams or SharePoint but we can take them offline, its the same set of files and we can take work with me.

Having offline sync to work on them and upload changes.

Ability to take single file and reference as a tab on its own


See more of a rich dashboard and in SharePoint its pages or news articles


Instead of multiple tabs you can use SharePoint to build out a page


We have embedded PowerPoint and Graphs


Search web part used and embedded documents

Video pulled from Microsoft Stream about the Q1 reports, you can also search

People experience and reference people

and chat as well


@mention team as well

New feature coming out ! (maybe out already as im watching this over a month ago)

Anytime someone publishes a news articles, special type of content and will be published to a couple of endpoints such as SharePoint Home and also SharePoint App news tab


But can also pull into Teams so people can have a conversation about it.

Its called SharePoint News Connector


Pulls and posts from SharePoint News

Take a step back and how does the news get there ?

Over in SharePoint create a news Article



Published to Teams in real time

Couple more things Mark shows us

News Article already programmed and added as Tab in Teams


Add news article or pages as single tab, go and select SharePoint tab and bring into teams

Full pages, rich article, images, support tables, documents, scrolling images, bing maps, videos


Last thing

Huge thing which has been used in SharePoint for ages is SharePoint lists,

Bring in list with full features


Grab URL of list and add as tab.

We take away o365 launcher and left hand nav of the team site we focus on the list

You can reorder and filter




Support Views and in Teams you can switch views


All pulled into the UI of Teams to give a great user experience

Future of Teams and SharePoint ?

Future is bright ! both teams working together and want full fidelity of the file experiences

pin documents, content types and previews, tile layout and a lot to come into Teams


External Guests into Teams and you can have Guests in SharePoint

Add content into Teams at channel level and we want to make it super easy


Lots of SharePoint Fans and it has a conference

Many years of SharePoint conferences 12,000 people great and crazy in a good way community

Big Server release with SharePoint Server 2019

Great place for community to come together

60 – 80 MVPs




Do i use Teams or SharePoint Teams site?

Its not an either or its an “and”

SharePoint  you manage content and Teams to chat about it


not alot of switching and its right there Content next to context


Yes, soon a 1 to 1 experience


Teams Tip

Anne Michels from Microsoft



Over in the chats tab


You can Favourite a chat and pin it to the top of the list

Another option is mute


You wont receive notifications for the chat, useful when there’s lots of people in the chat and don’t need to notification for each message. You can still go back into the message and read it.

Next option is Hide


When you hide the chat it removes it from your list but its still there, if there’s a new message it will come back and you can also search for it


You can also leave the chat



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