On route to MVP Global Summit

After being awarded Microsoft MVP on 1st February then moving house and now im off to MVP Global summit its been a whirlwind of a month really and not had much time to research the MVP summit as much as i had liked so i hope the links below help people visiting for the first time like me.

Its my first MVP summit and have some ideas on what to expect from reading peoples blogs and FAQs on MVP site but ill try and blog my experience and collects a tips list i find useful. The MVP summit has a very strict NDA so ill be posting mainly around my experience.


Saturday Morning – Flight to Seattle

So just at Airport in Manchester waiting for Flight to New York then change to Seattle. When looking at flights in the UK i only found direct flights from Heathrow but theres a little far for me living in staffordshire but perfect for others down south i would think. With the beast of the east of weather this week and already getting stuck in snow im glad i chose a close airport to travel to, traffic was light this morning and chose meet and greet parking so that was easy to park.

I chose 9am flight so could have a little more time in bed and time with kids last night as there was an earlier flight at 6am to frankfurt then change to seattle which fellow MVP Mark Vale is on and he left on time.

Sadly im an hour delayed so writing this after breakfast and some time to kill. Perhaps i should of chose the earlier flight and joined Mark but who knows, i only had 1.5 hours for connecting and chose to pack light and go all hand luggage as was told luggage wouldnt connect as im connecting in the US so lets hope / see what happens with my connecting flight, i was planning on arriving at seattle at 5pm local time.

When i arrive i plan to grab a taxi / cab to the hotel or there looks to be shared shuttles but some may need pre booking but hopefully let you know later what happens.

Im staying at the Hilton Bellevue and when being awarded MVP on 1st Feb i had to register for summit within a week and grab what hotels were left but i think i know quite a few MVPs staying there so should be good.


Lets see how the travelling goes then and hopefully blog from the other side of the pong 🙂


Useful Links for first MVP summit – Check them out


A Beginners Guide To The MVP Summit


Pat Richard – What to Expect at Your First MVP Summit



MVP Summit FAQs



MVP Summit



Jenn Stirrup – 10 Golden Rules of MVP Summit



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