Skype for Business Mac Client February 2018 Update Summary


There’s been an update to the Skype for Business for Mac client ! Ive been moving house this week so been a little side tracked but now the internets in and desk is up im just catching up so this may be old news for some but lets take a looky at this update.


Released – 28th Feb 2018

  • New version –
  • Manual Download Link – here
  • For updates you can use Microsoft AutoUpdate or download and install manually from the above URL.


Client requirements (Same as previous updates)
  • Skype for Business Server 2015 or Lync Server 2013 or SfB Online
  • OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) or OSX 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Outlook Mac build 15.27 (161010) required for Outlook integration


SfBO / Lync Server 2013 / SfB Server 2015 requirements (Same as previous updates)


First off lets have a little look at what’s new ?

Just three it seems and all seem related to meetings.

  • Improved meeting join experience
  • Join meeting audio with Call me at
  • Joining a meeting without audio


Also how about Improvements?

  • Fixed several issues that could prevent you from joining a meeting.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from joining meetings from outside of your organization.

  • Added a Don’t show this again for this device check box to the prompt to switch to an audio device when a user connects a device to the computer.

  • Fixed an issue with displaying long IM disclaimer text.

  • Fixed an issue where emoticons in chats were displayed when disabled by policy (via DisableEmoticons in CsClientPolicy).

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users who are not enabled for Enterprise Voice from seeing the Before joining a meeting, ask me which audio device I want to use option in the Calls page of Preferences.

  • Its also noted there was reports from users that they cant see screen sharing and see a black screen and its noted this has been fixed as well.


But don’t forget about Known issues!

Please don’t forget to make note of these as well, this was last updated 21st Feb 2018 with the latest issues listed as below.

Latest issues added or updated

Again E-911 is listed, there are dependencies for E-911 with SfB Server check out

Support for E-911 emergency calls made from Skype for Business on Mac has the following requirements for on-premises servers:

  • Skype for Business on Mac version 16.11 or later.
  • Skype for Business Server 2015, December 2017 update or Lync Server 2013, November 2016 update (CU8 HF1).
  • Enable911 in CsPlatformServiceSettings must be true.
  • West Safety Services customers: Emergency Gateway Version 5.4.
  • EnhancedEmergencyServicesEnabled property of the user’s location policy is enabled. (Note: it is not sufficient to enable EnhancedEmergencyServicesEnabled on the location policy applied to the network site of the subnet to which the user is connected.)


Lets look at what’s new and exciting !

Improved meeting join experience

Seems there’s been some improvements in meeting join speeds and the meeting join experience has been improved for the end users there no more flashing between black and white backgrounds.

Join meeting audio with Call me at

This has been around for a long time in windows client and is here for SfB for Mac clients. The call me at dialog box will allow the users to join by the meeting dialling them.

Joining a meeting without audio

You can join a meeting without audio, i use this sometime so great to see in Mac client.



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