Hola Amigos! Skype for Business Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling in Spain GA now

HOLA Amigos ! great news for Spain, Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling in Spain is in GA now.

What is Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling?

Cloud PBX is offered from Skype for Business Online and PSTN Calling is an add service that provides telephony functionality and Microsoft are the PSTN Carrier. Microsoft a telephone number and PSTN calling services and billing. PSTN calling provides users the ability to make and receive phone calls outside of the organization. Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling does not offer the same functionality as an on premises deployment of Skype for Business Server with Enterprise Voice with on premise PSTN providers so be aware of this.

Microsoft are expanding the countries they provide PSTN Calling, France was the one before in early December and now Spain couple of months later has been added so Microsoft have five countries so far and are expanding.

Some highlights on the information I’ve found so far on PSTN Calling for Spain

From Microsoft’s Countries and regions that are supported for Skype for Business Online PSTN Services web page here

Spain is now listed below so in total we now have five countries available


Total Minutes available for Spain

  • 1200 Domestic
  • 1200 Domestic or 600 International minutes (which ever is reached first per month)


Thought id take a peck on on tenant and see what numbers are available.

I can now select Spain and they have a great selection of cities available for numbers which is great.


Overall another great step in expanding Cloud PBX from Microsoft i think and quickly after France went GA as well.

Where next for PSTN Calling from Microsoft ?

Having checked up on Skypepreview.com i cant see any new countries in preview at the moment but I’m sure it wont be long


Adios Amigos !


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