Microsoft Inspire 2018 day two Corenote: Jason Zander

Video here


lots of headlines


fastest growth of cloud providers !


Cloud Wave is FULL Swing !



Jason say Thank you ! We are a partner lead company and we work and need partner help.

Pre sales to troubleshooting


Every 1$ of Azure consumption it drives up to $5

Examples of working with Partners and Azure

First up SAP


for every $1 on azure partners make 2x on infrastructure and 7x on transformation services


rackspace serves over half of the fortune 100 as a trusted service provider

Top MSP adding new customers to Azure

425% year on year growth with CSP

Existing in CSP, adding more services and features.

Highly recommend getting on CSP


Microsoft and redhat

90% of

Announced first open shift managed service for public cloud, between red hat and Microsoft

Single billing and support

Excitement level

100 enterprise already lined up


Working hard to incorporate open source!


Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365

Shift to Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge


Expect going forward ubiquitous computing, new app models, event driven and serverless

Building multi device and multi sense

Welcome Windows team into Azure now!

Core of Intelligent Cloud and Edge is Azure!

Every day Jason’s team comes in to work to make Azure even better



Hybrid built from day 1 and not added on

14 new regions announced  across 3 continents since the last Inspire 12 months ago!




Got you covered around the World

Having this foot print needs a massive network and Microsoft one of the largest Private networks


Run over 133K fibre around the planet

There ALOT of capital investment !

This is not cheap sometimes!

Added a new cable Virginia to Spain to have more geo diversity around natural disasters


This cable is amazing its 17,000 feet below the surface of the ocean!

over 4000 miles long

Weighs over 10 Billion Pounds

That ship is used to drop sub sea cable

The cable can transmit 160Terabits per second that’s 16million times more faster than a home broadband

If you have 1Billion dollars laying around


Focus on innovation and trusted results certifications


Adding new and Deeping engagements


Look at how customers are using Azure



Dev Apps

More from Team Foundation to Visual studio team studio

VS tools for Zamarin

Bring UI



Azure to move forward Dev Apps strategy.

Cosmos DB changed way of thinking of databases

86% more revenue in year 1

55% more revenue

way to connect people!


Product work and roadmap




M Series the biggest VM in cloud today

Run SAP on VMs

We have not stopped there


20TB of RAM machine

GOAL is to remove friction so you can run mission critical applications

Invested in Hybrid early on


Azure Stack!

GA in 92 countries

5 hardware OEM

usage growing 30% month on month

Existed for the types of problems it can solve



Now we need to help migrate

Partners built your own tools for migrations

Great business Ops for this


Other key is database migrations


Azure perfect place to run SQL Server workload


Reverse instance 1 and 3 years

Added Azure Hybrid benefits, bring your workload and licences over

You can only get this on Azure not on AWS or Google

No brainer to bring these workloads into Azure

Partner example


Is digital transformation company

Partnered with Microsoft for last two years

Learnt of opportunity from Microsoft for COATS

Premium thread spinning company


They were looking at moving its largest system to the cloud which was SAP


  • Choosing the right partner is Key!
  • You need all the support and help you can get from your partner
  • All data payload in Azure
  • Made no sense
  • Move SAP to Hana
  • Savings 25-30% of original run cost
  • Migration opens up more ops
  • Managed services contract
  • Multi year contract
  • Microsoft sales team bring in more ops
  • Cloud 100% in revenue
  • Happy customers lead to more happy customers !

Application modernization


People today don’t expect maintenance windows

People looking to keep applications up and running

Key investment in Dev Apps

Visual Studio Teams Service

OSS ecosystem

Made big investments


run windows, mac and linux

2.5 million dev use this every day



Microsoft is the single largest contributor to GitHub project 16,000 engineers working in this

Build prior to acquisition announced GitHub checks API

Pull together GitHub and Microsoft together

We announced to acquire GitHub, committed to enxure its open platform and run independently

Awesome tools and environment for people to work




Move into Serverless and Events

Versioning built in


every app can become a modern application



Store and represent data


A lot of choices and provided as a service

full SLAs , backups

more productive, build app faster!


a lot of applications out there, some enterprise have 1000 and want to go to the cloud

Migration Clouds, database near 0 downtime it makes it simple

and cost benefits

just in preview we have 2000 ops

going GA Q4 2018 – great time to get going on this


Azure Comos DB

1ms latency worldwide


Great set of APIs

great for retail and gaming

worldwide distribution of data



Big innovation area

One of the easiest way to start is build cognitive services




Worked with Databricks to bring Azure Databricks

seamless integration

You cant get this on any other cloud



use trained models on the edge


Wrap up with IOT


IOT taking advantage of Trends

WE believe so much in IOT in April we announced $5 Billion investment


Not just R and D its also new products and services, programs

Product investment


Procession 2 Trillion messages per day, up from 1 trillion last year

Smart stores, factories etc

Smart factory, predictive maintenance

Investments in hardware and silicon

created microcontroller unit

Secure Silicon chips and secured by technology used on xbox


Azure Stack


Solar Power farms

Scales of data but scale of ops is enormous

Real time data every day and very hour


Cheapest cost of energy generation but the smartest!


Huge business ops with SAP

SQL Migrations

World of IOT were just scratching the surface

Cool time to be here!


Look at your business and choice of Cloud and partner is a huge bet, make the call with Microsoft we take it very seriously. We are there 365 24/7


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