Teams On Air: Start a Modern Meeting with Microsoft Teams Summary

Yesterday 1st Feb the Team On Air crew had a broadcast for Modern Meetings with Microsoft Teams. I was really interested to see what’s coming to the modern meetings in Teams and how Teams will make meetings event better and more productive.

There some great announcements so recommend checking this out or the Tech Community Blog post (bottom of this post) as well to learn what’s new!

The url for the broadcast for here

The broadcast starts at 8min 41 seconds if you want to skip but until it starts you can watch for great demos of Teams. Check out that kid lol.



The session is hosted by Delanda Coleman and a special guest Richard

Episodes posted on YouTube and previous episodes are on YouTube channel here

Special Announcement – Teams on Air Podcast for 2018 !!


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Episode 0 where you can meet the teams team.

Todays topics

Modern Meetings

Richard introduces himself, he’s been in windows, office, Skype, mobile and now teams.

As a user he loves how it changes his teams communication and change team culture

Teams was launched almost a year ago and amount of features has been massive.

Big new update is command box which ill be showed a couple of episodes and new app store experience

9 updates for meetings to go over today and special announcement!

Richard goes over and talks about the teams meeting experience

Since march last year the teams team have been busy bring Skype for Business features into Teams and light up meetings


Speakers are muted

We have a Teams online meeting and straight away Teams is helping in the meetings and alerting that the Speakers are muted, but here i can unmute directly in Teams!

No more fighting with sounds settings. One button and back to my meeting.


Mic Muted

Teams auto detects your Mic is Muted !! HOW COOL IS THAT !

It feels like daily I’m in meetings where someone says “sorry i was talking but was on mute” even i do it sometimes


Again one click unmute from within the meeting

Audio Conferencing experience

Now you can dial into Teams meeting for both scheduled or Adhoc !

Last 2 years audio conferencing has been launched in 90 countries, 400 cities and 44 interactive languages !


Bottom left we say a meeting participant dialled in via PSTN and they can join the audio

Mute participants

Mute others in meetings

Collaboration – Take Control

When presenting content you can allow control for other people in the meeting


And the person sharing can allow control


Now Phil has control and a nice little touch you get the person picture on their cursor Smile

So people know who’s doing what as they can easily see both people cursors.


Desktop Sharing but i don’t want to share all my desktop

Application Sharing


You can share the application but not show all your desktop other other programs or notification will be hidden. You only share the application, the rest of your desktop is private.

External Anonymous Users in meetings

Now happy to announce anonymous Join and Lobby Support is here !! This is huge and has been a blocker for using Teams meetings as anonymous users could not join!!

Lets see an anonymous user on Edge


The user has clicked the meeting url that they were sent and in Edge you give permissions to devices on pc and then enter your name to join.

Meeting organiser experience view


You can see the anonymous in lobby and you can view lobby or admit

imageLobby View

Anonymous user on Edge experience


There are three things here, well seems there four lol

  • Anonymous Join
  • Audio Conferencing is GA
  • Edge Meeting join experience
  • Chrome meeting experience

So you only need an email address, telephone or Brower (Chrome and Edge) to join a teams meeting!

Guests can participants in meetings, audio, video , content and chat

All meeting conversation history is stored as well including guests and anonymous users


Admin experience for managing call quality for calls


Tool focused for admin and helpdesk

helps debug calls

Filter to user and filter to day view



Can go into that Poor quality meeting and the tool will identify the root cause whether its network or bad device to find the root cause.

End user have a great experience and IT admins can help diagnose any call quality issues. Great added value for admins.


Q and A

Can Desktop sharing handles videos ?

Yes, it can handle videos and share anything on your screen.

Web browser handle video as well.

Roadmap – Skype Room System and working with Teams ?

On roadmap for Q2 Roadmap

Web Join – Will you have to download a client or plugin to join a teams meeting ?

No, plugin less in edge and chrome

Call Analytics – When will it GA ?

Preview at the mo, GA in March

Is there a announcement of all these features discussed today ?

Yes, released later on today.

Link is here !

Looking forward and Intelligent Communications

Great response to that and how’s the vision comes to Teams meetings ?

Mission is to make meetings go smoothly, with all the advances in machine learning we want to make teams smarter and identifying fixes and fixing them for you .

Machine graph and SharePoint integration, auto adding documents to meetings.

Microsoft can leverage more assets to improve meetings.


Out of time but thank you ! See you in two weeks



Great Episode and new announcements check them all out here !


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