SfB Broadcast: Ep. 51 Five tips for planning your time at Ignite–Session Summary

Seems i missed this broadcast last Friday but just noticed this posted on YouTube and thought it may help some folks going to Ignite, unfortunately ill be watching from afar.

YouTube Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vWPBGj8ixM


Note before you go Episode!

First message from Delanda is a message regarding the impact to people with the recent hurricane and thought and prayers are with everyone.


Two guest today, Laurie and Praveen.

  • Laurie Pottmeyer – Community Manager on SfB & Teams Team
  • Praveen Maloo – product marketing manager on Microsoft team

I see the shift of the SfB broadcast series into Teams has already started!

Little bit about Ignite

  • Microsoft largest conference
  • every year
  • Orlando, Florida
  • WC 25th Sept
  • 6 Days



1000s of hours of content on all Microsoft Content, windows, surface, xbox, SfB or Teams lots of content.


Slide on all things going on, demos, happy hour, customer success, show cases, ask the experts etc

If you cant be there in Person LIKE ME then watch out for ways to watch on demand and broadcasts

1st TIP – Attend the general session


Attend general session on SfB and Microsoft Teams only

Session two speakers


Lori and Bob.

Monday 4pm after initial keynote!

Laurie and Praveen excited

23K attendees largest tech event

TIP 2 – Plan to attend session across Teams & Skype for Business


Over 45 session on Teams and SfB!


List to help to prepare and what to focus on.

Quick break down of key pillars

  • Overview sessions and introductions
  • Deep dive sessions – talk about portfolio from meetings to voice, collaboration, security
  • Adoption and deployment sessions, best practices
  • key success stories

IT Pros level 300 and 400 – network planning and bandwidth, troubleshooting, video interop

How to build schedule today ?

Be prepared when your there

  • Ignite website there is a schedule builder!
  • Mobile App as well



  • You can login and build schedule
  • filter sessions topics and levels
  • Break down products
  • Add to schedules and view open slots and recommendations will be suggested
  • Make sure you update your profile this helps maps sessions to you

TIP 3 – ask the experts or watch is live from Ignite!


If you wont be there general sessions will be recorded and available after.

The show will be going to podcast studio


Schedule above, Jamie original host of this show.

Josh Blalock with views from Community and MVP

  • Wednesday 1PM
  • Thursday 11am

Microsoft Mechanics session as well.

Also cool give always and Surface laptops

TIP 4 – Join the community activities


Microsoft Tech Community to get together

Expo Booth


  • MVP
  • Product Team
  • Demos
  • Swag

Make sure to stop by the booth

This is a community central and is spot of expo floor down the hall and that is a s opportunity to come and speak to people about community and tech community.

Wednesday 11-2pm SfB and Teams representation of Office take over day! Play ping pong and have fun!

If you not there

8.30 – 5.30 EST time live events streamed and all sessions recorded and easy to ignite.microsoft.com for all sessions and live streams

Social channels

follow on Twitter and Facebook to get latest and greatest updates

Make sure you join Tech community as well

Rolls into TIP 5

TIP 5 – Follow our MVPs


MVP are most valved professional or know the insides of the product and engaged in Community and Laurie owns this

Announcement for MVPs

1st time to let everyone know of new MVP for Teams


SfB and Teams fall under Office Serer and Servers

Awarded month of September

first official Teams MVPs

and SfB MVPs

David will be in Orlando and make sure you say hello

Other fun things

13 MVPs representing 26 sessions

Blogging sessions



You can watch videos, live streams and MVPs will blog content as well.

Also have 15 community reporters covering all products and services


Tom representing Teams and SfB reporting, be sure to check out Tom and all on twitter. Follow Tom on twitter and tech community links.




Those are the 5 tips for Ignite!

Q and A time

1. How do i become MVP teams and SfB

go to mvp.microsoft.com and learn all about the program and what it means

Also where you nominate yourself or someone can nominate you monthly. Trigger email for form things to look at

Social presence




Product feedback

If nominated continue to put activity in tool and revisit it.


2. Cant go to ignite how can i get involved in other ways

Join UC User groups

17 UC User groups and meet quarterly SkypeUG.com


3. How do i connect with Laurie and other member here today

Microsoft Tech communities

@msdelanda on twitter



Look forward to seeing everyone in Ignite

1. General Sessions

2. Make sure you plan for breakouts

3. Watch us live

4.Join community activaties, talk to experts

5. Follow the MVPs



Also on Ignite make sure you check out Mark Vales Blog on getting Microsoft Teams set up for Ignite! here, check out the RSS feeds, twitter hastags etc



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