Microsoft Teams– My experience of Guest Access – Day 1

So with the recent news on guest access for Microsoft Teams i wanted to have a play and see what its like. I was surprised it was announced in preview and then GA very quickly. Perhaps ahead of Ignite so its released before the event.

So hopefully ill blog my first couple of days experience of settings up and using it and we can see how it goes. here day 1.

Adding Guests

To add guest you can select the Team and then either Add members or even from View Team and then use the Add members button.

Option 1 via Add members

this launches the add member to box straight away


Option 2 view View Team and then click Add Member



Add member to Team dialog box.


Guest have to have an Azure AD account so Office 365 users only at this time. Type the email and then should resolve and allow you to add.

I did find yesterday i was typing and it would never allow you to add. Today I’ve signed out and now i can so guessing the client hadn’t picked up yesterday changes to allow guests.


resolves guest and then click Add.



Click Close

Add Guest as member in the team and has (Guest) next to them.


Add banner saying team contains users from outside your org.


Remove Guests


Remove from Members from Team by clicking the X but there is no confirmation it seems! i clicked and it removed straight away there was no are you sure? i think it needs this.

No confirm prompt Sad smile

Notification on General Channel

When guest added it notes this in general


Teams Settings for Guest and Guest Permissions

In team settings you can enabled guest settings for

  • Allow creating and updating channels
  • Allows guest to delete channels

Seems not enabled as default which is probably best.


Email to Guests

Guests are emailed with an invite and has team name and team logo it seems. Follow the open Microsoft Teams link to continue.


Click Open Microsoft Teams opens Browser


There’s disclaimer text to read as well. Click next.

Teams Desktop Client asking to switch Tenants as was signed into teams with different account.

I found my desktop client went a bit wild and was opening my works SSO sign in page for some reason so needed to use another pc. Need to have a look into this more.

From another pc i continued and did manage to sign in as guest to another tenant and also switch between tenant but it was confusing. This needs a bit of work i think.

Desktop Client Account Switching

You can switch tenants by click profile in bottom left and you can see your accounts and switch back and forth. This took some time to fully work.


When switching prompts switching to another tenant.


notification on new messages in other tenant.


Switching i find very buggy and needs work. I have a scenario where i have two tenants and im guest on each and the desktop client goes a little crazy but so am i. im just getting my head around and may blog the detail.

Teams Web Client when accessing as Guest






Switching looks the same in Web Client.

Teams Mobile Client

Not sure switching is enabled, as couldn’t see this option.

If i followed the email with the invite as a guest to another tenant, it opened browser then prompted to opened teams client then i was getting “Failed to switch to the account, You are not registered with this tenant”

Ill look into this a bit more and update.

Under the hood in Azure AD

Wanted to see on my tenant what happens when i invite a guest as i read Azure B2B is in play.

Azure AD User

Under the Hood i had a look at Azure AD on my tenant and i can see the guest user here


Overview of user



Seems i can block sign in from here and also maybe able to give a better name to the guest.

Just playing with these at the mo but i think it works.

User type as Guest and source external Azure Active Directory


Directory role as user


Member of teams group


Sign ins

nice to have to view sign ins



To be continued tomorrow hopefully. Join my in Day 2.


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