SOF: Number Porting Training Summary

Great to have training for people on their SOF journey for number porting and the importance and timelines for planning and setting the right expectations. One important note is that timelines, process and potential delays are industry wide and not just for porting to Skype for Business Online.

Also making sure you submit the correct information is key! as incorrect information can start the number porting process again and can lead to huge time delays. So check check check, got your mate to check and his mate before you submit.

Also planning for porting subscriber numbers for users and service numbers for Calls queues, auto attendants and PSTN conferencing numbers is key to know upfront.

Other useful Number Porting Links

Link to video here




SOF is a living framework and feedback is important, this is April 2017 version of this training. This training is subject to Change.

Check out out SOF for latest content.



Provide information on updates on SOF as part of Plan, deliver and operate.

Plan for number porting


Why ?

Number porting will increase with new Org AA and Call Queues

Understanding number porting will help with project timelines


This training assume you know SOF

Number porting is mostly policy based

include planning for number porting in your SOF journey



When do you need number porting ?

With PSTN Calling you can use new or port existing

subscriber number assigned to end users

service number assigned to AA, call queues and PSTN conferencing

UK you cannot port non geographic or shared telephone numbers

List of service providers for Porting available. (This links / info seems to be gone missing which is odd. I’ve seen this list before but its not available now it seems)


Carriers may define their own timelines


Setting the right timelines expectations is important.

These challenges are throughout the whole industry not just porting to SfB Online



Can take up to 30 Days!


Takes 17 days to get a port order scheduled in this example !

I like this diagram as it show the amount of processes for a single port and show multiple carriers involved.

The LOA must be completed with the correct information



Number porting added as critical project risk

Number porting challenges is industry wide not just to SfB Online

Full port and partial porting only applicable to US.


Full Port not available in all countries. This is available in the US.

All numbers usually as subscriber numbers

You can change a subscriber number to a service number with a support ticket open and will trigger another number port.

Office Main Line numbers will likely need to be service numbers !

Option 1 – Port all subscriber number then raise ticket to port some numbers to service numbers. Downtime required.

Option 2 – partial port of subscriber number then port remaining numbers as service numbers. Takes longer to port from existing carrier. Advantage is downtimes is minimised.



No updates to deliver phase.

Set correct project timelines based on decision in plan phase.




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