Skype for Business Meeting / Migration Update Tool

This tool has been available for some time and most often used to update meeting urls when migrating users from Lync Server or Skype for Business Server to Skype for Business Online. Also useful for adding PSTN conferencing details to SfB online meetings when enabling PSTN conferencing on your tenant / users.

When users move to SfB online their scheduled meetings include a Skype meeting url that must be updated as the user has moved to Skype for Business Online servers using different meeting urls.

All meetings must be updated after migration and Microsoft currently supply a tool for this in MSI form. Expecting users to do this themselves could cause issues and raised support requests. Other options are to manually reschedule and update your meetings.

This tool will find any meeting, update with new meeting url and also send out an invite to all participants for you. Sounds good anything to make life easier would be nice.

Its also noted being used to update all of your existing meetings after you are enabled for PSTN Conferencing in Skype for Business Online so you can add dial in details. It will update the Conference URL of the meeting as the phone number and conference ID that can be used to join it via PSTN Conferencing.

I believe Microsoft are looking at automating this into SfB Online as expecting the end user to use tool could end up with more work to your helpdesk and deployment people.

I came across an on premise sip address change and thought id try it out in this scenario as well and here’s my experiences of the tool.


Supported Operating System, SfB Lync Client and .Net Framework

Supported Operating Systems
Windows 10 , Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Supported Outlook clients
– Outlook 2013
– Outlook 2016

Supported SfB /Lync clients
– Skype for Business 2016
– Skype for Business 2015
– Lync 2013

.NET framework 4.5 or above

Note Outlook 2010 and Lync 2010 are not listed so this tool is not available for 2010 users.

Client Downloads

I first checked the prereqs listed above and meet them so i can use the tool.

Grab the client, for large deployment perhaps rollout the msi to the client instead of manual install due to admin rights issues etc.

64bit –


Microsoft Instructions

Install Client







Launch Skype for Business Meeting Update Tool

Manually open and run tool



Great its found me.


Found i had two reoccurring meetings that require updating Smile


Click update


Both meetings updated marked in update status


After clicking finish run tool again and you should see the following.

“Your meeting links are up to date. You’re good to go!”


I updated my meetings, got accepts to the invites that were automatically sent and everyone joined the meetings fine so it worked a treat.

After meeting updates are all done you can remove.


Manual install for me using Open programs and features in control panel


Right Click and uninstall

For mass removal an automated removal of the client would be better. There’s no harm leaving it but once its used and updates meetings it mostly likely not be used again unless future sip domain changes or move to SfB online.


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