Skype for Business Server 2015 Smart Setup

Not seen this working before, each time i try and use it and it was failing šŸ˜¦ i checked Internet connectivity and that all good but it never worked so i was applying CUs after deployment. Not sure if i was the only one here ? so interested to hear what other peoples experience has been.

What is Smart Setup ?

Smart setup allows Skype for Business updates to be installed as part of
Skype for Business Server setup process from Microsoft updates

Smart Setup will:

  • Check with Microsoft update for Skype for Business updates
  • Download the updates
  • Install them (prior to finishing the installation process)

So anything to save times and customer times looks good to me.


Today i was deploying a FE in my lab so i thought why not it worked so thought id share it Smile




This looked very promising so i thought where does it save and extract this to so i went on a little look around and found something that looks promising.

In C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Skype for Business Server\Deployment\patchcache\6.0.9319.0 theres a patchcache folder Smile




I downloaded CU4 and extracted the CU using skypeupdateinstaller.exe /extract all and compared files unfortunately it looks like CU4 was not automatically downloaded but its quite new so ill check CU3 and work backwards.



CU Downloaded copy on sever


So i went on and extracted CU3 to compare and this was a match Smile


i checked each components and compared details.


So it had automatically downloaded CU3 for me so i continued the setup. happy days.

When running setup using SfB Deployment wizard i spotted patching ā€œEnterpriseWebApp.msiā€



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