Lync Room Systems – November 2015 CU available – rebranding for SfB, LRS is now SRS :) (15.14.2)

Biggest enhancement here is the rebrand for Skype for Business ๐Ÿ™‚ Lync is now branded Skype for Business with SfB logos and the UI has a dark theme. The design also includes round icons and a round presence indicator. Lync Room Systems are now Skype Room Systems no more LRS its now SRS ๐Ÿ™‚

Skype for Business gets a new look 1

This update provides the following improvements:

  • Microsoft branding changes: Rebrands the Lync Room System user interface with Skype for Business logo, colours, and icon design styles.
  • New settings option enables the system administrator to prevent subject line information from being displayed on the meeting calendar (this client-side setting overrides the equivalent server-side setting).
  • Resolves an issue where video streams were limited to a maximum resolution of 1280×720 (720p) instead of 1920×1080 (1080p) on some systems.
  • Includes the following Windows Updates & Patches โ€“ See below SMART KB link for more information.

Update will be applied via Windows Update if your LRS uses this if a manual update server is being used the download details are available below.

Office Blog

Provides an overview for the SfB rebranding and UI changes.

CU Download for SMART and Cestron

You can download the exe and extract the new files or you can download the full download from SMART (if using SMART) and grab the new updates already extracted below.

SMART 15.14.12 Full Download (3.46GB)

Easiest option to download all SMART updates in one download and copy to your internal update server.

Full SMART Update Summary details


Known issues:

Microsoft has reported that this update has the following issues which Microsoft is working to resolve in a future update:

1. Loss of conferencing video, and loss of touch responsiveness on Console Display Tab options, with single display SKUs (dual-display SKUs are not affected).

This issue will occur when the following specific actions are taken:

a. Add remote participants (Console will be in Gallery view).  Make sure that remote participants turn on their video.
b. Add a Whiteboard (Console will be in Gallery + Content view).
c. Go to Console and switch the view to Content only view.
d. Go to Console and switch the view to Gallery only view.  At this point, remote participant video will be lost.
e. Go to Console and switch the view to Content and then switch back to Gallery view.  At this point, the controls in the Display tab will no longer respond to touch.

Workaround: Exit the meeting by pressing the Leave Meeting button on the Console, then re-join the meeting.  Remote participant video will now re-appear, and Console Display tab controls will respond to touch.  Any shared content will still be present.

2. IMs will not be received by room after remote participant enters carriage return.

IMs do not appear in the device Console after carriage return from remote participant (responding with an IM from the LRS side resets the routine).

Workaround: No workaround.


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