New Skype for Business Bandwidth Calculator Version 2.60 :)

At last a new SfB bandwidth calculator which includes Office 365, Hybrid and on premises deployment and SILK Codec for Peer to Peer calls 🙂


Grab the updated version now!

Office 365 included in Sites


Codec’s example


Client and Deployment Options


Still not LRS or Mobile clients but SfB is included.

Version Control Notes


Release Notes

Lync BW Calc 2.60 extends capabilities of Lync BW Calc 2.00 to cover Skype for Business Online (O365 MultiTenant) deployments but also add
support for SILK codec with Skype for Business.

This is initial version of the tool with support for Skype for Business Online:
– full support for IM/P, Audio Conf, Video Conf and App/Desktop Sharing

– WAN calculations only for P2P Audio and P2P Video

– no support for PSTN Audio calculations

The file has ("Sites" tab) examples of Skype for Business Bandwidth calclucation for various Skype for Business deployment models:

1) Onprem Only
– Cental Sites: Phoenix, London
– Branch Sites: Tucson, Leeds, SmallBranchSite, TinyBranchSite

2) Online Only
– O365 Site: O365 Amsterdam
– Central Site: Warsaw
– Branch Site: Cracow

3) Onprem and Online (i.e. Hybrid)
– O365 Site: O365 Amsterdam
– Central Site: Moscow
– Branch Site: Petersburg


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