Skype for Business Mac Client–September Insider Fast release available Summary

Saw a post on Tech Community Blogs around the SfB Mac Client and new features released in the Insider Fast release. Post on Tech Community here

What’s Insider Fast release ?

The Insider program allows  you to install early builds of SfB for Mac so you can test new features before they will be released publicly in a GA build.  More info on insider program here

Please note: So these new features and changes are NOT yet in the GA build of SfB for Mac.

To Check Insider Build information please check here

Build Details

Released – 14/09/2017
Build Number – Build 16.11.115
Previous Build – August 15 2017

New features

1. Simplified sign-in experience and support for certificate-based authentication

  • On initial sign-in, users are now only required to enter their sign-in address.
  • Based on the sign-in information, we will ask for additional information (such as password) only when necessary. If your organization supports certificate-based authentication and the certificate exists on the machine, you will sign in automatically.
  • We have moved some of the less-used options (such as user name) to the Advanced Options page to simplify the experience and avoid unnecessary confusion to the end users.


2. Meetings improvements

  • Earlier this year we added support for joining a meeting through phone.  We listened to your feedback and have now added the additional option to join a meeting without audio.
  • Users can choose to hide or show content that another user is sharing in a meeting.  When someone is sharing their screen, select to “Turn off content” under the More options menu. If content is available but not displayed, the option will show “Turn on content”.
  • The “End Meeting” option was added last release. This option allows a presenter to end the meeting for all participants before leaving a meeting.



  • Fixed an issue where a user’s location used for E-911 calls is not correctly identified when the user is connected to a network inside their organization.

  • Fixed an issue where a user’s status continued to show as Available after they had quit the app.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from signing in with an Alternate ID.

  • Fixed several issues to improve the reliability of viewing screen sharing in a meeting.

Known Issues

Don’t forget to get the known issues a look over as well.

One critical known issue is

E-911 is not supported


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