Microsoft Teams–My experience of Guest Access – Day 3

Apologies for not posting yesterday but it was our wedding anniversary so no Teams yesterday I’m afraid and todays post a little shorter than id like.

Today I’ve been doing some research on Teams via which i recommend going to

There’s great content to learn about Teams and also around deploying Team via the Plan, Deliver and Operate phases.

Check out some awesome downloads on for deployment information

  • Microsoft Teams Pre-workshop Questionnaire – Captures information ahead of workshop
  • Planning Workshop for Microsoft Teams – Drive interactive conversation to get started with Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Workshop Decision Points Summary – Document decision points throughout planning process

Also the academy video have great content and ive done some summaries blogs on them as well.

Experience on using Teams as Guest and Teams in General

Starting to use Teams more and more as a guest user on other peoples tenant which is great and show how good the new feature is and how important external guest access is.

From my perspective I’ve have the following feedback

  • In team conversation i keep forgetting to use the reply feature and keep starting new threads. this is my number one user related issue i have. Which i hope in time i will get used to it.
  • I seems to struggle to find new conversation is threads im not included on. I thought i could use activity but i think that only covers conversations im in. One of the biggest thing i see is im missing out conversation especially when not signed into another person tenant all the time. I see the notifications and then spend ages looking where the new message are it seems.
  • Switching between accounts / Tenants is a bit confusing and one PC i cant switch as it open another SSO login so i have to use web client or another pc. I may log this issue.
  • I did come across a workaround from Steve Goodman on multiple team accounts which i may try out Monday
  • Also having multiple browser tabs open for different account i think may work, may test this out monday.

More to follow on Monday.

In Summary

I haven’t done alot with Teams today tbh so post is a little short but i am getting used to the guest access and how switching accounts works and overall is awesome i can be part of external Teams even as a guest. It can only get better im sure.


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