Skype for Business Edge Server In-Place Upgrade Error

Recently with an In-Place on an Lync 2013 Edge server on the installing roles stage it failed ! what!

I believe from finding this error and finding the resolution it was caused because after starting the in place upgrade and after the prerequisites checks are completed by the installer i had then opened the NIC properties to check DNS servers and left it open during the upgrade.

I did test this afterwards in a lab and at the prerequisites checks it flagged this up and stopped the upgrade but it doesn’t stop you opening nic properties after the pre req checks are completed.

So a lesson here with in place I’m adopting is close everything you may have open including Management shells etc and only leave the in place upgrade setup open as it does more under the hood than you know 🙂 that’s a personal perquisite check I’m adding to in place upgrades I’m adopting now 🙂

Here details on the error.

I had an error message Error encountered: HostLocalActivateTask execution failed on an unrecoverable error.


From reading local edge server event viewer i noticed there was an error saying please uninstall Lync Media relay driver from the NIC. I did in fast find the Lync Server Media Relay Driver it was mentioning.


I uninstalled this from the NIC and retried the setup.exe and it completed successfully  🙂



3 thoughts on “Skype for Business Edge Server In-Place Upgrade Error

  1. You might need to reconsider your change. You might have issues with ability of clients been able to use your edge server as media relay server if you uninstall the driver because its the one that implements TURN protocol during Sip stack initiations with external clients. In an event STUN wont work for that media communications ( Candidacy). It was there for a reason and you should not uninstall it if you dont know what its meant for.

    1. Hi Olu,

      Only reason it was removed was it was preventing the inplace upgrade when Lync server 2013 was removed it left this behind. When I was removed Skype for Business Server reinstalled the driver. The driver is an absolute must and I don’t recommend removing this. I had to to continue with the upgrade to Skype for business.

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