SMART Room System for Lync – Extra Small Review

Had an installation of an Extra Small SMART LRS this has a single 55” display designed for smaller meetings rooms. On SMART website it state four people but you can get more people in the room depending on the layout.


Here’s a couple of difference i found when comparing against the larger models with 70 and 84” displays.

  • Much smaller display quite noticeable when using whiteboard
  • Ideal for smaller meeting room spaces
  • Console PC is not installed in the display but installed is a caddy fitted to the wall behind the screen.
  • Input Source is HDMI1 / USB1 needs setting to HDMI1
  • No Lync Room reset available when using the remote
  • Separate Power supplies are used for speakers and camera attached to the back of the screen
  • Camera has a bracket fixed to the top of the screen and is attached with single screw to the bracket.

Overall is a good system for smaller meetings room but if you can get the Small system with 70” display i would go for that model or bigger if you can 🙂


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