Skype for Business Client Update – Lync Online

Following my blog on Skype4B Client Update for Lync On Premises users here’s experience of Lync Online user.

My Lync Online user had Office Pro Pro Plus and gets its updates automatically. I waited for a while but in the end i cheated and forced the update from opening Word > File > Account > Update Options> Update Now.

I was prompted to close Lync and following the update Skype4B was installed and used by default.



I’m happy to stick with Skype4B BUT perhaps some users aren’t how do i change this ???

Disable SkypeUI for All Lync Online Users

Well you need to connect to LyncOnline via PowerShell to change the client policy for your users. Here’s the steps for an admin.

1. Make sure you have or have Installed the Lync Online PowerShell Module

2. Open PowerShell as Admin

3. $credential = get-credential


4. Enter Administrator Credentials for your tenant


5. $session = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $credential



6. Import-PSSession $session

If its connected you should look like below:


7. Test with a Get-CsMeetingConfiguration to show settings.


8. Lets Disable Skype UI for all our users in one command.

Grant-CsClientPolicy -PolicyName ClientPolicyDisableSkypeUI


9. Now wait for new policy to Apply.

After a while and a sign in and out i got the message


10. I’m back to Lync UI but Skype4B task bar icon, sounds and emojis are still used though.


for me ill be re enabling skype4B and hope you use Skype4B.

Additional commands for per user and re enable all user for Skype4B

EnableSkypeUI for all Users


Enable for single user – based on full sip address


Disable for single user – based on full sip address



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