Talking with UC and Cloud Day 2017 Sponsors – Geomant

Next up in the series of sponsors videos is Geomant where i managed to find Wesley Kozera, ive come across Geomant before for their call recording solution which we deployed for a customer. I was keen to learn more about what Geomant do and offer around Microsoft UC and Cloud space and more about their Buzz Easy product.

Who are Geomant ?

Goemant make customer interaction effortless so that you can drive up customer satisfaction, sharpen your competitive edge – and operate more cost effectively. Focusing on real-time, cross-channel communication, typically in the contact centre, we minimize the time and energy expended during customer interactions – by you and your customers – to create more productive and more rewarding customer relationships.

Buzzeasy Product

Buzzeasy – the Intelligent Customer Engagement Platform – revolutionizes how your customers can engage with your organization. Using the latest cloud and bot technology

Visit Geomant here


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