Microsoft 365: Transform your communications with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business–Summary

Wow what a first day at Ignite with ALOT of Teams and Skype news and amazing to see Microsoft Teams play a central part of the Keynote for Ignite with a great demo with Ford with Teams and virtual reality. Today we move from Unified / Universal Communications (UC) to Intelligent Communications (IC) and im very excited for the future. I watched the Skype and Teams keynote on my Phone last night whilst cooking and getting kids to bed and wanted to re watch and provide a summary of the keynote as its was great and a lot of news and info in here. For me id love to be at ignite but on the other hand i get to be at home with family and watch live streams and view recordings and i think that’s awesome i cant get to do the networking but i have twitter for a little of that. Maybe next time.

Hope it useful but i recommend if you have time watching the recording at

Starts with Intro Video Intro



Today more connected than Ever!

Embrace diversity!

Mobility to achieve where we are!

Empower every Team to achieve More!




Lori starts with talking about being in her home town, first job at college where she worked for Disney working on enterprise data warehouse project.

Before working for Disney in middle school she worked for her dad and answered calls and wait for phone to ring before caller id, she picks up phone and take details and put details on memo pad and walk it over to persons desk.


That made her the original unified communications.


Technology has taken us to place we could never imagine

workplaces are global, more networked , teamwork more distributed

People want to work with openness and want tools to work in this Way,

In March Microsoft Teams was release

125K Orgs using teams


Amazing how the workplace has changed

Skype 3Billion minutes on global Skype network

For business usage has doubled in last year!, what’s driving this and the success of Skype and usage and that’s you! customers and partners who helped to drive this forward and Thank you on behalf of Microsoft!

Another change is happening

Satya promised AI, machines learning and these are being real.

Now we sit and say moving beyond Unified communication and into Intelligent communications.


Imagine with IC today if we can full context of full meeting lifecycle

Before, during and after

Before –

During – No barriers, no language, visual, hearing

After – What if technology does heavy lifting and sends summary and action items

this is possible with IC and moving to fundamental different place

To achieve this there two new things!

1. We have redesigned the architecture of Skype, that powers Microsoft Teams, innovate feaster and quality of service.

2. Taking Skype capabilities in Office 365 and combining with Microsoft Teams for one client experience. Skype for Business client in Office 365 will go away over time to single.


we have architecture and single client and roadmap exciting to deliver on this vision


Bring forward the Demo1



When it comes to collaboration having the right tool is more important than Ever !

Microsoft Teams Super Fan!

Here is Microsoft Teams


On the left bar you can see Activity, Chats, Teams,Meeting, calls and files.

Lets start with Teams

Teams can exist in Org, project or subject interest groups

Channels – conversation grouped by subject matter


Here member of Northeast Campus Events channel


Here you can see threaded conversations

Files and conversation stay together

New people can jump in immediately

@ sign shows mentions

Red banner shows importance

Conversation by email sent directly to the channel!


One of most loved features is the ability to add images and Gifs and emoji


Pretty cool Right !

Feedback from people, teams exist inside and outside your organisation

Guest access is here!

without comprising security of Office 365

Consent innovation of Teams for example

Third party apps


Survey Monkey

Very useful for quick pulse on org or project

Microsoft partnered with Adobe

Bots another favourite

Bots are great way of automating




Switch gears


In job lots of info and diffivult to stay on tab of all information by switching apps

Start in files Tab


Files can exist of third party like drop box and others

Co edit Docs in Teams!


Edit in Teams, Word or word online

Edit in Teams directly


conversation that goes with doc is in right grill

real time and relevant chat

Switch to another tab now a website all in Teams!




Trello board


Adding apps to tab never easier

select plus and then you can easily add

All of this within Teams!

Now over to Mark for more info on features of intelligent communications!


Marc product guy


How we take all SfB capabilities and bring them into teams

Foundation of any collaboration is relationship!

Many of you using SfB for many years and collecting contacts in SfB and organising them in groups and arranging to help you.

shouldn’t they be available  in Teams

Contacts Tab !


When you open Teams , contacts and groups from SfB imported from day 1!

Works just like other buddy lists

click on conversations and jump to them


used to be presence was different in Teams and SfB but now its the same

Single presence model!

Chats are awesome but Marcs a calling guy!

Sometimes you got to jump on a call



Appears in left rail

Full calling experience, contacts, history, voicemail and full dialler

Speed dial list

suggested contacts in calls


thousands of contact people you have alphabetical list to find people effectively




Pretty much what you expect!

Has missed calls, incoming and lots of calls from Barbie here

Click to return calls



Pulled from Exchange

Click on them for play, call back and transcription



Is a full dialler, full PSTN capabilities into Teams

  • Dial out to any number
  • E911 dialling


Let jump back and give Barbie a call

Jump to contacts and call her



What was funny was Marc kept getting incoming calls during demo


Nothing like a live demo infront of thousands!


Cancel and back to Barbie


On hold, transfer and dial pad

Lets transfer


Search for and transfer to emily


More Enterprise voice features being added so it can replace your phone.

Single app for calling, chat and collaboration, that was calling how about meetings


At times in a channel when you want to schedule a meeting

Schedule teams meeting from outlook



Just added in Dialin conferencing!

Toll and local 90 different countries!

No retraining needed!

That’s one way, create digital equilant and huddle round desk

Schedule meeting right in teams in the channel on a thread


Create schedule



Scheduled right in a thread! lots full context on what we were chatting.

Anyone can join as its a public meeting in a channel

Hop into channel and join in!

Finally what does this look like!

Hope into Teams channel and can see a meeting in progress


Lets join that meeting


You can see hows joined the meeting, duration and hop in


Got PowerPoint and app sharing, video at the bottom

Full animations built into PowerPoint, transition as they occur


Switch to gallery view


View PSTN caller and see peoples video

Hover over people names and see more details


Jump to Org chart and see who that is

Ability to share content!


View all apps that are available that i have open and select and jump into sharing

Sometime Marc cant always be at the desktop so here the mobile teams app


Available on all major phone platforms

Take meetings in morning with coffee and you can view activity, teams, meetings



Join Meetings


Fully engaged with team no matter where i am!

How many time have you missed a meeting?

You wish you could catch up


Recorded channel meetings and recording appears, anyone can go look


Because its recorded and stored in the cloud we can do many things with it

Closed captions as they occur


What great there is a full transcription behind this now, so you can find a specific moment in it

Search for room


and jump to that part of the meeting


quickly index the video

This is really the start, once we have the content we can do more! exiting time int he product

All features shown today are in product preview and will be coming out really soon!

Back to Lori

Welcome out some customers



Jason, little on the decision to use Teams ?

Cerner made up of around 420K around the world and looking at how people work, they work differently and was looking at persistent chat tools out there, teams was the future for collaboration


Noticed over two years move from group and persistent chat , IT want to market and looked at what meet security requirements, finance will sign off on and we couldn’t find anything.

Teams has enterprise grade platform, security we know and extension on existing investment of Office 365.

Talk about rollout

Jason, took approach with start with IT, structure and governed approach, turn features on and off. Start with IT to learn and gain feedback and as that worked

11K people close to 4K different teams, plan to roll out more

Brain – 180 Degrees different, with preview announcement decided to just turn it on and enabled from day one and reached out to key people and grow crazy, huge growth over and ready for GA, didn’t want governance more guidance, made use case and guided users. Adoption continued to sore with this approach.

Use cases

Team collaboration – group collaborate

Use for all internal, back away from email and IM

Beneficial to international teams, IM doesn’t work well when people not in office.

Ad hoc projects – teams with planner

Meeting response centre – situation response for DC, transcribe incident in teams so other teams can learn what happened and with shift hand offs and switch easily.

Jason – Used to enable a bunch of tools, people changing from app to app and website to website, now building into conversation platform, use teams as cockpit.

What’s next ?

Brian – continue with adoption, guest access was huge and pull them into teams

Jason – We using SfB 320million audio conference minutes per month, shift to single cockpit, bring the two together and move SfB traffic to Teams!

Over to you and look at deployment and what it means for you !

What’s the deployment look like ?



All about you

Story – first stated in IT org and founders of Office 365 part of the journey for customers to the cloud. Prior to that in IT org, was worried about using techology to drive change

How to do change effectively


Microsoft little over 100K employees, they have engineers, architects, business admins, exec, sales, support


Based on experience there are three important principals around change


Transparency – understand when change is coming and whta it means for you and when

Empower – empower IT to change to your pace

Communicate – open and transparent


When have learned a lot and change is as important as any feature on the product

Three questions from many questions

1. What does this means for Skype for Business Server or Hybrid ?

2. Is teams ready ?

3. How is Microsoft going to help us ?


Ben and teams worked long and hard on these questions.


People lots of investment with SfB in premises, is this Teams thing really ready and how are you going to help me transition. This is what

Question 1 – Skype for Business Server vNext


People need SfB Server for the foreseeable future and continue to support Hybrid, Microsoft as committed as customer and hard at work on next version and target for Q4 next year. Brand new server, new mainsteam spport and addressing feedback, refresh on SfB client with server. Focused on IT Pro and voice centric features.

Many keep Enterprise voice workloads on premises for next few years, ways to bring the power of cloud onto on prem. Use call analytics able to work with on premise server. On premise can take advantage of cloud and improved Team interop.

Question 2 – Is Teams really ready !

So from security and compliance, are we ready? Yes!


Teams built from ground up on Office365 with industry leading security and compliance, diverse data centres starting next years, teams Mobile from ground up with MAM, certs and conditional access, great persistent chat and retention policies and lastly e discovery and audit.

Lets look at audit


In Security and Compliance centre of Office365 and you have one interface for managing audit logs and journaling, all events from Teams into Office graph surfaced by audit logs.

Delete a team, create and all available in audit log, one place its all pulled together.



Bringing together Teams and SfB into a new admin centre with long name. Microsoft teams and Skype for Business admin centre

Built from ground up, user policies for Teams.

Key thing if you invested in Cloud Phone system, audio conferencing and calling plans none of this change, phones numbers the same , conferencing bridge and same, call queues the same and call analytics now has teams in as well as will interop calls between them.



We know people have a huge investment in devices as well, existing SfB certified phones will work and room systems is expanding with Lenovo joining offering Skype room systems, all existing devices all upgradeable to support teams meetings.

Also making sure existing devices can connect tot Skype and Teams meeting

Pexip and Bluejeans join video interop for existing devices

Lastly cover you with end users


Focused on first run experience and guidance


Coaching marks to guide users around the app or T Bot to provide help and support.

Security, rooms and admin tools to end user – Yes we are ready for TEAMS

Question 3 – How are we going to do this ?


Let go through admin and end user, lets start with admin


Back to Teams and Skype admin centre, here a set of users and you want to pick a pliot group and filter down

Select those users and set Teams upgrade status




And there’s three options

  • Side by Side – Teams and Skype side by side and user has control what they want to use Teams and Skype for. Great way to start, use Teams for group and keep calling and chat on SfB. Start slowly.
  • Side by Side with notify – Demo, this says I’m ready to slip and want to notify users, set this mode, SfB will inform teams is coming, teams will come down in the background and migrate across, contracts etc.
  • Teams Only – Shifted and switched all incoming chat and calls into team. SfB in meeting only mode.

You have control how you deploy. Here Side by Side with notify is selected


Once applied that’s it from migration, no downtime and two apps and service will know how to behave and route.

Now End user experience to Teams



Here’s a user set set to side by side with notify mode and here you can see a banner saying Skype for Business is upgrading to Microsoft Teams and try it.

The user has buddies and click try it and contacts are in Teams


Transistioned over contact list and on first run you get coaching.

User is up and running and no separate process to migrate, set the policies and the apps make it happen.

You have moved some users to teams and some are still in SfB and we want to make sure interop is strong player and you can see Adam below is still using SfB


There a Skype logo and banner and p chat and gifs wont happen, presence and chat and calls will work.




and there’s the call in teams!

Transfer and hold and the usual call handling will work, dont have to make everyone go to teams you can be on both.

T Bot


Need to provide end user help to help transition, first run and banners and also Teams out of the box has a bot all about training and if i was a SfB user moving to teams and wanted to ask how do i chat


T Bot gets smarter over time, rather than get smarter over time rather than ask your IT.


Am i safe on SfB server – yes you are

Is Teams ready – yes

New website launched today -  a ton of documents on this


Back to Lori and we look to continue to push the boundaries that are possible

From memo pads to UC now Intelligent communications!

We invite you to continue the next phase of the journey with us!

Join us in the booth and break out sessions and continue to empower teams to do more!

Some of the nice closing pictures










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