Skype for Business Online Auto Attendant Preview Summary

From the recent announcement on Microsoft Tech Community here regarding Auto Attendant and call queues in SfB Online i wanted to give a quick summary on Call queues and Auto Attendant. Ill post two posts one for Auto Attendant and one for Call queues.

I’ve just looked over the Skype Academy slide content slides available for download and wanted to write a quick summary of key points with the Call Queues and Auto Attendant. This ones on Auto Attendants. Link to Call queue

AA now includes business hours, more details on search options and Call Queues.

Definitely check the slides out Smile some great awesomeness coming to SfB Online !

What is auto attendant?


  • Accepts DTMG input and speech to text to redirect to a person
  • Can have an operator as backup option
  • Can serve for reception / attendant operator
  • Can be configured for business and non business routing and redirect calls out of hours

Auto Attendant Comparison against SfB Server and Exchange Auto Attendant


Key points against SfB Server is that

  • online AA has no sub menu currently.
  • Call options are slightly limited compared to SfB Server for example holiday schedules and DTMF options menus

AA Experience

  • During business hours you can have greetings
  • Out of business hours you can have separate greetings or call routing to voicemail or queue
  • Speech configurable – upload own files or text to speech
  • Can type in names (details below)
  • Can use 0 to find operator
  • Operator can be Cloud PBX enabled user, call queue or voicemail


Supported Languages for text to speech – there is a ton of them Smile


Note only one language can be used per service number.


Key Points –

  • AA will search your entire tenant, no address book segregation.
  • Like call queues Service numbers are required.
  • Requested from Office 365 SfB admin panel
  • Toll free numbers like call queues require PSTN consumption billing

Supported AA transfer targets

  • Online users only ! in Preview !
  • In GA planned to to be users using Cloud PBX with on premises PSTN calling via Cloud Connector Edition (CCE)

Not Supported

  • Users hosted on premises
  • Users using Cloud PBX using on premises PSTN calling using Lync / SfB Server infrastructure on premise.


Deployment details

  • Tenant Licence requirements – E5 and PSTN Conferencing
    or E3 with Cloud PBX and PSTN Conferencing
  • Toll free numbers – require PSTN consumption billing

Multiple languages

  • Limited to one language per service number, if you need more you need separate AA.


On Office 365 SfB Admin page –


Configuration of AA Business Hours

24 / 7 or custom hours


Business hours call handling


Out side of hours call handling from portal


Migration of existing AA

Do the AA provide what you need today ?
Porting or new numbers ?
Temp numbers can be used.




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