Skype Room System Update – April 2016 (15.15.04)

Just noticed on SMARTs website that there’s an updates for SRS last month on 19th April 2016 software version 15.15.04. Reading the MS KB looks to also apply to Crestron RL and Polycom Cx8000 systems.

Looks to be some bug fixes, improvements,UI tweaks, SMART bios update, a bunch of Microsoft updates and adding a new front of room touch administrator setting to allow use of non-touch front of room displays which sounds interesting. Ill have to do some more digging on this one but I’ve noticed if you have touch displays its not recommend and has some things to be aware of when enabling listed below.

Microsoft Link KB


  • If you ignore the first incoming call, the additional calls to a Skype Room System are not received as expected.
  • Reworded a user tip for the private meeting logon screen.
  • Fixed some font and background colors to better reflect the Skype for Business rebranding.

This update provides the following improvements:

  • Enables non-touch support. Admin can configure the Skype Room System to work with non-touch front-of-the-room displays. The table-top console continues to support touch.
  • Skype Room System lets you enable an additional tab that offers OEM customization, such as PTZ cameras controls. Contact your provider for more information about their product plans and release notes.

Things to be aware of when you enable the non-touch user interface (UI):

  • The whiteboard can be launched only by remote participants.
  • Embedded PowerPoint videos can be played only by remote participants.
  • The non-touch UI isn’t recommended when you use touch displays.

SMART Knowledge Base Link

SMART KB Summary

  • Resolves Video and console Display tab responsiveness issues:
  • Resolves an issue where if the first incoming call was ignored, additional calls to a Skype Room System were not received.
  • Includes user-interface cosmetic improvements for the private-meeting logon screen and other screens.
  • Includes BIOS update version Z301-034 for the SMART AM70-L computing appliance (with network, USB, and video display subsystem improvements).
  • Adds a new Front of room touch administrator setting to allow use of non-touch front-of-room displays on Microsoft Skype for Business room systems.
    Things to be aware of when the Front of room touch setting is turned off:
    • The console on the meeting room table will continue to support touch control.
    • Use of the SMART SRS-USB-Bridge cable empowering touch pass-through to attached guest computers requires SMART front-of-room touch displays (don’t turn off the Front of room touch setting if you want to use the SMART SRS-USB-Bridge cable).
    • The whiteboard can only be launched by remote participants, not from the room system.
    • Embedded PowerPoint videos can only be played only by remote participants, not from the room system.
    • Use of the non-touch user-interface is not recommended with touch-enabled displays.
  • Also includes the following 25 additional Microsoft updates: KB3080446, KB3093513, KB3101722, KB3092601, KB3098781, KB3097996, KB3108381, KB3108670, KB3109103, KB3108371, KB3109094, KB3108669, KB3124280, KB3135445, KB3126587, KB3097966, KB3112148, KB3108664, KB3109560, KB3110329, KB3124001, KB3124275, KB3123479, KB3134214, KB3126593.

Download and KB

Internal Update Server Guys the full SMART download is below


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