New usage reports for Microsoft Teams and November updates

After a busy week last week moving out of our house its time to recap on last weeks news and first up is new Usage reports for Microsoft Teams which is great and also there’s been a number of updates for November including PowerShell, Usage reports, Data residency in UK, Support for conditional access on Macs, new teams client features as well ! Christmas has come early lol.

Link to Tech Community Post here, Great post and i recommend reading this.

November Updates Post as well

There are two new Microsoft Teams usage reports available on Office 365 report

Walkthrough and Summary

Log onto your Office 365 admin centre

Dashboard Tile


Clicking on Active Users takes me to reports for usage and we can see Microsoft Teams activity included as well.


Go to Reports tab


Reports > Usage





Microsoft Teams User activity

First lets look at Microsoft Teams User activity

Here we can view by

  • Number of activities by type
  • Number of users by activity type

The graph below seems to be called a at-a-glance widget


We have the options to change duration of reports 7, 30, 90 or 180 days

We can also Export reports to csv



you can hover over the graph and get details as well


Microsoft Teams Device Usage

Here we have

  • Number of daily users by device type
  • Number of users by device type over the selected time period


We can export again and view the same durations as before.




Granting Access to reports

The Tech Community post states for access to report you have to have

  • Global Admin
  • Or product admin rights such as SfB Online or Exchange (No mention of Teams as dont think that role exists solely yet)

The usage reports in the admin center can be accessed by people that are assigned with a global admin or a product specific admin role (Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint).


you can now grant a role to user to view reporting info only, its highly likely the project team tracking adoption may not have admin rights so use the

reports reader role




Really really good to have these reports especially for tracking Microsoft Teams usage and Adoption.

I imagine there’s a lot more reports to come as when comparing the amount of Teams reports against SfB there’s still a difference but the products don’t have the same level as functionality yet so more will come in time and great to have these first to report on usage and adoption and these reports can be used to drive usage area or adoption. Thank you Teams team.


Manage Microsoft Teams PowerShell Walkthrough




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